THYMOVAR is formulated on cellulose wafers, each containing 15g of thymol. On release, thymol vapour concentrations build up in the treated beehive.

The concentrations do not harm the bees but are highly toxic to Varroa mites. The treatment with THYMOVAR is very simple, time saving and efficient.


varroxOxalic acid dihydrate is heated by the VARROX-vaporizer.

Due to the heating action the oxalic acid liquefies and vaporises. The oxalic acid vapour fills the hive and all the bees and surfaces are then covered with a thin layer of oxalic acid crystals.

These fine crystals are well tolerated by the bees, but have a deadly effect on the Varroa.


liebigThe Liebig-Dispenser was developed together with the famous German bee scientist, Dr. Gerhad Liebig, University Hohenheim.

It guaranties a safe, simple, highly efficient and bee friendly treatment with formic acid at a competitive price.


fam-dispenserThe FAM-Dispenser was developed by the Swiss Bee Research Centre Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux (at that time FAM Liebefeld).

It is proved for the application of acid formic to control the Varroa mite and is distinguished for its simple handling and its efficacy.


Oxuvar_1OXUVAR is a new oxalic acid-sucrose trickling product for Varroa control.

To trickle oxalic acid to control Varroa in beehives is widespread in Europe because it is characterized by low residue risks and by its simple application. OXUVAR has been developed in order to simplify the trickling method.