THYMOVAR is formulated on cellulose wafers, each containing 15g of thymol. On release, thymol vapour concentrations build up in the treated beehive.

The concentrations do not harm the bees but are highly toxic to Varroa mites. The treatment with THYMOVAR is very simple, time saving and efficient.

Dosage and application

Place the THYMOVAR-wafers on the upper frames for 3-4 weeks after the last honey harvest. Follow up with a second treatment for another 3-4 weeks. Depending on the hive system twice 1 - 2 wafers are needed.

  • First application early, at the beginning of August (directly after the last honey harvest)
  • Second application right afterwards or at least till Mid-September

THYMOVAR shows best results at day temperatures between 20-25°C. It should not used at maximum day temperatures higher than 30°C.


Package with 2 x 5 wafers (10 wafers)

Concept of control

A combined application of THYMOVAR with an oxalic acid treatment in the broodless time (November - December) has proved very efficient against the Varroa.

Demonstration video